Max Coleman Portrait .jpg

Max Coleman is a visual artist who began his life on the wooded shores of Connecticut. In 2015  he graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design after studying furniture design and illustration. Since then, his work has circulated the country primarily through murals, movie posters, album covers, and branding work for clients such as Zagster Bike Share. Max’s work seeks to take the elements and techniques used by artists of centuries past, and apply them to the modern day mediums of digital illustration and street art. Combining the themes and imagery of bygone artists and poets with the religious texts of his upbringing, his work melds with his imagination and love of the natural world. Thus, it is able to sit comfortably in the present while at the same time harkening the viewer back to a time when the written word and drawn image were mans only way to capture and share the beauty of earth.  

"If you wish to understand the Earth and its many beauties more, you must seek the drawings of Max Coleman, some are pretty dope."    - Walt Whitman